My name is Jojasa (pronounced Jo-jA-sa). I live in the Chicago area with one grouchy old cat, a cocker/border collie mix, and various grown children who still move in and out occasionally.

I had the usual boring childhood in a tiny farming community, I was majoring in math in college when I discovered computers way back in 1970 and graduated as a computer programmer. After a lot of years of working for other people, I now have my own internet and web design company.

I have always been kinky, just didn't realize that anyone else was until I got on the internet in 1995. I spent 2-1/2 years as a moderator on the usenet newsgroup soc-sexuality-spanking, owned the IRC chat channel #overlap, hosted private spanking D/s parties, and was at one time very active in the local Chicago BDSM scene. I am submissive to only one, the rest of the time I am a bit of a sadistic bottom. I enjoy topping female friends.

I accepted Old Tom's collar on July 25, 1998.