She felt horrible. She'd never felt this guilty before. She kept fighting it. For three days she fought it. The evening of the third day, she lost the fight. She called him.

"Sir, we need to talk." was all she said.

He didn't ask what was wrong, he simply said he'd be there.

Thirty minutes later he pulled in her driveway. She slipped out the door, making sure her teenage son didn't hear her leave. She didn't want to answer any questions right now.

She climbed into his van.

"Just drive please... anywhere."

Ten minuets later they were still silent, driving on the main road out of  town. She finally looked over at him, knowing that she was going to tell him, needing to tell him. That damn little voice in her head still shouting at her, telling her not to do it, he'll never know. He was being so patient...   he must know already. She couldn't say it.

He finally pulled off the road into a gas station. She picked this time to blurt it out.

"When we were at the party Saturday night, and they were passing around that joint.. and you looked at me and said 'no'... when you left the room Sir, I smoked with them."

There it was. She'd said it. Out loud.

He didn't say a word. He got out and pumped the gas. She waited. She started to cry. She'd never felt quite like this before, but then she'd never tested him like this.

He returned to the van. He cupped her chin in his hand and made her look at him. The tears were running down her face.

"I'm so sorry Sir." she whispered the words. "I'm so sorry I disappointed you."

"I'm proud of you for telling me."

She closed her eyes and sighed.

He pulled out of the gas station and instead of going back on the highway, turned down the blacktop road. She found her voice again. "Where are we going?"

"To take care of it."

She nearly melted into the seat. They drove into the darkness, she kept hearing his words over and over "To take care of it." So simple, so strong, so scary. She squirmed in her seat. So scary, so hot. He was really going to punish her.

He didn't say a word as they drove. She was losing the ability to think and even breathe. He wasn't angry, he wasn't going to tell her he didn't want her anymore, he was just going to 'take care of it.' She squirmed again in her seat.

They turned off onto a little dirt road. They drove a little way into the darkness. She was suddenly more afraid than she was turned on, this was really going to happen. He stopped the van.

He took her hand and walked her into the woods. They were completely hidden from the road.

He had a hairbrush in his hand, she hadn't noticed it before.

"Pull down your jeans and your panties. Then tell me again what you did...   and ask me to spank you."

She shivered, and then did what she was told.


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