They were on the phone. He was at work, she was at home. He sat at his desk, idly tapping a pencil, imagining the look on her face right now.

She was pacing around the room, clutching the cordless phone as if it was a lifeline. The conversation had taken a turn she had not expected, she was desperately looking for a loophole.

He interrupted her silence, "It's a yes or no question."

"That's a hard question to answer Sir. Maybe I punish myself enough sometimes, I don't know. I just want to be forgiven for being so mean yesterday."

"Yes, sometimes hard questions are good. That's an advantage of having someone to love and discipline you - you don't need to punish yourself. He can do that for you, and you can then know you are loved and forgiven."

"But the question still remains. Do you think you need to be punished for yesterday?"

She struggled with it. Admitting that she needed to be punished was a hard thing to do. She knew what the answer was, the words just would not come out. She could not ask for this punishment. She still could not give over that last bit of control.

Maybe she could charm him out of it, distract him, change the direction of this conversation a little.

"I'm innocent Sir, completely totally innocent."

He smiled.

"Of course you are. And I'm likewise as completely totally fair."

His voice had that maddening steady tone. She knew she was lost.

"It's a yes or no question."

The words all came out in a rush.

"I just don't know if I really want that hairbrush I sort of do but I mostly don't cause I know it will really hurt and not be really hot like it is to just think about it but it wouldn't be so hot to think about if I didn't think you were really going to use it and I hate that it's so confusing cause I really really don't want that damn hairbrush but I want to think about it and maybe you could just not do it quite so hard it would still work just as well."

He smiled again.

She hesitated at his silence, and then continued, "Sir, maybe we could just have a *nice* hairbrush spanking, you know, not so hard and not fast. It would still hurt a lot, you know I can't take hairbrushes."

"Was I asleep for part of the negotiation? Is 'nice' part of the deal? I had thought it was in the same category as 'fair'."

It was her turn to be silent.

"Do you trust me?"

"Yes Sir."

"Ah! A yes or no question that you managed to answer."

He imagined the look on her face right now. He knew it was there, he'd seen it too many times.

She was feeling a bit panicky, he had brought it back to the yes or no question. She sat down, not able to say anything.

"It is a matter of trust. Which means we need to take it slowly. I very much understand why a woman would HATE being punished for real, but want it so badly. It's love, security, safety."

She did want it badly. She needed to be punished. She needed to be forgiven. She needed to take one more step towards that total trust. One more step on the way to being totally his.

"Do you need to be punished for yesterday?"

"Yes Sir."

She was breathing hard, barely able to say the simple words.

"Do I have the right to punish you when you need it?"

He barely heard the whispered answer. "Yes Sir."

"Do you want me to punish you?"

His voice had changed just a bit, she knew he was enjoying this. That knowledge went through her like an electrical charge, she squirmed a bit in her chair.

"Do you want me to punish you?"

"Oh yes Sir."

She had finally said it.

"Ask me right."

She took a breath... "Sir, I need to be punished for yesterday. Please punish me Sir."

"Punish you how?"

She was totally lost now, she actually wanted that hairbrush.

"Sir, I want you to please punish me by spanking me with your hairbrush on my bare bottom. I want you to spank me until you feel it has been enough."

He smiled again and looked at his watch.

"I want you to go stand in the corner."

Her heart sunk. She didn't like corners, except when she was there in play. Corners could be very hot when the right things happened in them. Corners in punishment made her feel small and alone and scared.


"You will stand there with your nose pressed into the corner, your jeans and panties pulled down just as if I was there. You will not close your eyes. You will think about why you are there. You will stay there for ten minutes. You will call me when you are through."

"But Sir..."

"Do I have the right to punish you?"

"Yes Sir."

"Ten minutes."

He hung up.


He watched the clock. He knew this was going to be hard for her, but he was very pleased that she had gone this far today. He waited for the phone to ring.


Her voice was shaking, he knew she was crying. Her words came tumbling out all at once.

"I was in the corner as long as I could. It wasn't quite ten minutes Sir. It was three minutes first, then I went back for two more. I couldn't stay there ten whole minutes Sir. I tried. I really did. Being there alone for that long was awful. I'm sorry Sir. I couldn't do that by myself for that long."

He wanted to hold her. He knew she had done the best she could alone. He was proud of her for trying so hard for him.

"Okay. What I *could* do is expect you to go back now and complete the ten minutes, even if you need to cry your way through it. That in itself would be a valuable exercise. The trouble is that I have a meeting at two, so I won't be able to talk with you right afterwards."

"But, I believe your corner time was sufficient to make the point."

His voice was calming. She felt as safe as if she was cuddled in his arms. She knew she had pleased him and that was enough. The punishment for what she had done yesterday was over. It had been enough.

"We still have a bit of work with the hair brush, concerning your inability to answer yes or no questions."

The punishment now was for not answering his question when he first asked it.

They continued to talk, he was making sure she was alright before they continued.

"I have to go to my meeting now, I'll call you back when I'm through. We *will* take care of this today."


They were still feeling their way with real punishment. He was constantly checking her reactions to what he would say.

She waited by the phone. She heard his words over and over in her head. "We will take care of this today." It scared her. She squirmed in her chair.

When she answered the phone all he said was, "It has long been my opinion that when a woman is punished, it should be done in the nude. Her nude, that is, and him clothed."

She caught her breath, but was able to answer, "That would be right only if the intent was to make her feel very very submissive and vulnerable. Would that be the intent Sir? To make sure that she knows who is in charge?"

"Actually, it's a bit more complex than that. The nudity is understood and not negotiable. Not even worth commenting upon or discussing. It does *not* matter in the slightest how she feels about herself that day. She knows herself controlled; her submission is simply taken for granted."

"Stripping herself for punishment is very humiliating for a woman. Physically, she *is* completely vulnerable. He could do *anything*. She is without any protection at all, nothing left of modesty. Normally, seeing her nude is a very pleasant experience, but this time her nudity is used against her."

"But most of all, I think, to be punished nude by the one she adores and loves, speaks to the core of her womanhood. She *understands*."

"Of course it *would* be a traumatic experience for her. And she would be quite soundly reminded that she is *his*, and shall continue to be."

A small "oh" was all she could say.

"I'm leaving now, I should be there in about 20 minutes."

"Sir... "

"No, you may not touch yourself before I get there." There was a smile in his voice.

She blushed. He knew her too well.

"20 minutes."

He hung up the phone.

20 minutes.

This was really going to happen.

A shiver of excitement ran through her. She smiled.

He checked his briefcase just to make sure the hairbrush was there.


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