Something Completely Different


It felt a bit like a plot from an 'I love Lucy' show. I had done something goofy, and now something even worse to try and cover my tracks. One thing led to another and here I am, standing in this damn corner like a five year old. My bottom feels like it's on fire, I know it's bright red without even looking. My panties are at my ankles and I’m holding my skirt up in the back.

He's sitting at his desk across the office, pretending to be engrossed in some project. I *know* he's looking at me... I can feel it, and probably grinning that silly grin of his... It's all that stupid desk's fault.

Never mind what I did in the first place. Hey.. it's a short story, no room to elaborate here. Let's just say that I sneaked into his office this afternoon to try and *fix* something. Ha! I fixed things alright...

He wasn't suppose to come back for hours. There I was, about to be caught red handed so to speak. I did the most logical thing of course, I hid under his desk. Now that was a stroke of brilliance I must say. Maybe he wouldn't actually sit down? Perhaps he wouldn't notice me there? HA! Just like when I *hid* that damn scrub brush right there on the rug... another story entirely.

So there I was, *hiding* under his desk, he walked in... and there were three other voices with him! Now, not only was he going to think I was nuts, but it sounded like his secretary and two department heads were going to know that not only was *I* nuts, but that he must be a little strange himself... his woman was under his desk! <huge sigh> I was going to be in trouble big time.

He came around the desk, pulled out his chair... the look on his face was priceless! This may have been worth it for that alone. He recovered quickly and sat down, not betraying me to the others. Ok, I thought. This isn't going to be too bad, at least no one is going to fire him cause of me (which brings to mind another tale that I just don't have time to go into right now...).

So I thought, alright, I'll just sit here quietly and in a few minutes they'll leave. Then I'll be very charming and he won't notice that I was rummaging through his desk, and I'll be out of here.. ten minutes tops. Maybe I'll pretend like it was all a dream when he comes home later. Blind him with charm, make him laugh, confuse him a bit.... oh shit. There's more people coming in. It's the Wednesday afternoon staff meeting! oh shit.

He sat down, arranged his legs on either side of me, and acted like absolutely nothing was amiss. After about 30 minutes, I was *very* uncomfortable. and bored. How could anyone possibly stay awake during these meetings? I kinda sorta started messing with his legs. Well.. they *were* right there, and just seemed the logical thing to remind him that I was still there and he should wrap this meeting up soon.

I ran my hands up and down his inner thighs. He shifted a bit in his chair. I began to quietly kiss his thighs. He reached under and grabbed my hair. I guess it was suppose to be a warning for me to stop. All it did was to make me hot and I started exploring with my hands and mouth a little more seriously. Hey.. there was nothing else to do down there! hehee!

I have no idea how the meeting was going, I wasn't listening anymore at this point. It was probably only two or three minutes after I had pulled down his zipper that I *did* hear him announce that he had a conference call coming that he couldn't miss and the meeting was over.

It finally grew completely quiet in his office. He didn't pull back in his chair, he simply reached down with both hands and held on to my head. At that point, I really didn't care if anyone was still in the office or not...

<cut to angels singing and fireworks etc...>

He stood up finally and walked to the door. "I don't even want to hear an explanation, young lady". He locked the door. I was having second thoughts about coming out from under his desk. He didn't sit back down, but opened a drawer and took out his ever present damnwoodenhairbrush.

"Out here now Young Lady".

I moved slowly. I *do* hate that hairbrush.

He bent me over his desk and whispered in my ear, "No noise my pet, or the one you get when we get home is going to be twice as bad".

I leaned over his desk; he stood at my side and pulled my skirt up over my back. I couldn't believe he was doing this in his office! but he's the boss... He pulled my panties down, and held me down with one arm.

The smacks of that damn brush came very fast and very hard, accompanied by a quiet, steady lecture. It took everything I had not to scream, but I wasn't going to make things worse when we went home. Nope. I might do goofy things, but I'm not *that* dumb.

So here I am, standing in the corner in his office, waiting for him to finish whatever... and then we get to go home together.

Did I tell you that I'm very happy? :-)


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