A Little Fantasy for Mr. Keys


Mary smiled as she began to fix dinner. It had been a nearly perfect day.  She was so glad spring had finally come to Chicago. The Chicago winters prevented them from one of their favorite outdoor pleasures. They had spent most of the afternoon walking in a nearby forest preserve. Eddy loved to walk in the woods looking for the first birds of spring, Mary loved keeping him company on his walks. As she took the steaks out of the refrigerator, she could hear the sounds of Eddy's music drifting up from the basement. He was playing "Unchained Melody", he knew it was her favorite. She softly began to hum along with the familiar tune.

Something wonderful had happened out there in the woods today. It had been several months since they had found the time to just be together like that. They had left the well-worn path and walked a little way into the woods. When they came to a fallen tree, Eddy had stopped her, turned her around to face him, and touched his lips softly to hers.

He pointed to the fallen tree. "Lean over the tree Mary."

She looked at him, her heart beginning to pound, a small smile crossing her face. It had been far too long since she had felt like this. She turned obediently and walked to the tree. The tree was fairly large. She laid across it, her hands on the ground on one side, her knees on the soft grass on the other side. She waited.

Eddy's hand came down hard on her jean-covered bottom. It hurt, but she didn't cry out, she smiled.

He swatted her four or five more times . . . she still didn't cry out, instead she had an uncontrollable urge to laugh . . . and she did.

"Can't feel it through those jeans, can you?"

"OH yes Sir, I DO feel it!"

He leaned over her and quietly said, "Take your pants down Mary." She shivered at the whispered words.

"Someone might see us!"

"Do it."

She raised up and unfastened her jeans. Eddy pulled them down to her knees. "Back over the tree. Now." She did as she was told.

This time the slaps really stung. She wiggled and moaned, but she stayed across the tree, offering her bottom to him to spank as long and as hard as he wanted.

They heard a dog bark, someone was coming. Eddy stopped. He rubbed her bottom a little, enjoying the heat he could feel through her panties.

"You better get up before they find you like this." They laughed together as she quickly pulled her jeans back up.

Eddy pulled her to him and they kissed. His hands rubbed her sore bottom and pulled her closer. They began to walk together back toward the path.  He found a whippy little stick along the path and the rest of their walk was punctuated with little screams and giggles as the stick hurried her along.

"Eddy! The steaks are ready for you to cook!", she yelled down the stairs. Eddy came up, and stood in the kitchen doorway. "I see your little spanking had no lasting effect."    Mary blushed. She could feel him looking at her back. She stopped fixing the salad and reached back to slowly raise her tee shirt. "Not even pink anymore?" She laughed and wiggled her bottom at him a little, daring him to spank her again. She knew he loved her in this shirt and nothing else.

He didn't take the dare. Instead he picked up the steaks and headed out the patio door to put them on the barbecue. Mary watched him walk away, feeling a small wave of disappointment and turned back to fixing the salad. She didn't hear him come back in a little while later. She was standing at the sink when suddenly he was behind her, his arms around her pulling her close. "Dinner is ready," he told her, "but first you have to pay for making me lose my concentration and burning the steaks."

Eddy took her hand and led her into the living room. He stopped behind the couch and told her to bend over the back. Because she was wearing a tee shirt and nothing else, as soon as she leaned over the couch Eddy was presented with a perfect uncovered target. He didn't spank her right away, but stepped back to just enjoy looking at her like this for a moment. He loved to look at her; she loved to turn him on like this.  

He began to spank her, softly at first, then harder and faster. When he rubbed her stinging bottom, his fingers slid between her legs. She moaned and pushed back against his hand. "Not yet" he said, and began to spank her more. "Eddy, it hurts!" she cried out. "It's supposed to!" he answered, and they both laughed.

Eddy began to rub her stinging bottom again. She heard his zipper come down as he rubbed. The sound of his zipper made a tingle rush through her body and her breath began to quicken. He leaned against her. His hard cock pushed into her, his arms wrapped around her, his hands kneading her hanging breasts. As they moved together over the back of the couch she whispered very softly, "I love you Mr. Keys."

Mary was so glad spring was finally here.


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