i got spanked a few days ago.
It wasn't *for* anything.
It was *just because*.
He didn't use anything but his hands, no canes, no hair brush, no paddle, no strap, just his wonderful hands.
He sat on the bed, leaning against the pillows.
i laid across his lap, very comfortable and giggly.
He spanked me for a very long time that way, not too hard, just a nice long spanking.
He spanked me until i turned a very nice shade of red... and he rubbed.
He rubbed a lot.
He spanked me until i started to drift.
Then he spanked me some more.
It had been a very long time since we did this, he and i haven't played much lately. i wasn't sure that i could get lost in a spanking anymore, it really had been that long...
He reached for the vibrator and told me to hold it against myself while he spanked me.
And he spanked me some more.
i didn't drift anymore.
i flew.

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