She stepped out of the shower and wrapped the soft towel around her.  Looking into the mirror, she couldn't help but wonder what game they were going to play today. She shivered slightly and smiled as she remembered last weeks' game.

They met every Thursday like clockwork, 10:00 a.m. in the village parking lot of the small town that lay midway between his home and hers. They spent their Thursdays together. They played games.

She arrived on time, not making the mistake again of being late. He was there, before her as usual, leaning against his car, waiting. There were not many people around today, which she noted with a sigh of relief. Never before had she gone out in public dressed as she was now, dressed as he had told her to.... a thin summer sundress, and nothing else.

He came toward the car, leaned in the window, He ran his hand up along her leg under her dress. "Just making sure you followed my instructions."      She felt her nipples harden; he saw them through her dress. He opened the door and she got out.

They walked in silence along Main Street of the small town. She felt that everyone they passed knew she wasn't wearing anything under her dress. A slight summer breeze was an unneeded reminder.

"In here." he ordered when they were at the door of an antique store. She followed him to the back, and then down some stairs. The basement of the store was filled to overflowing with musty books, bits and pieces of china, and old records. They wandered through the aisles until they came to a display of brushes... old hairbrushes of every size and description.

"Pick one." was all he said.

She reached out and took the nearest one, an ebony backed hairbrush. He took it from her hand and looked intently into her eyes. "SMACK" he hit it hard against his hand. The noise caused her to shiver.

The only other shopper in the basement looked over at them, startled by the sudden noise, then moved on toward the stairs.

"Turn around and pull up your dress." he commanded.

"HERE?" she almost shouted.

"Now." he said.

She turned and slowly pulled up her dress.

"Bend over."

She couldn't believe she obeyed.... anyone could walk in on them. The excitement of being in such a situation was almost too much for her.

The noise echoed through the basement as the brush connected with her exposed round bottom. She knew the stinging burn in her reddening cheeks combined with the delicious fear of being caught was causing her to become quite wet. He knew it too.

Twenty times. She counted them.

Silently he pulled her to him and they kissed. He smiled, and they went upstairs to purchase the hairbrush.

The old clock in the bedroom chimed 9:30. She realized she was going to be late. She finished drying her hair and hurried to get dressed. What game would they play today?


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