Good Baby


I am laying next to you watching you sleep. I can see the first pale light of morning edging around the drawn shade in the window. I resist the urge to reach out and touch you, although that is what I want to do more than anything right now. I lay here and the images of last night creep into my thoughts, last night when my wrists were secured and attached to the hooks in your ceiling, my ankles fastened to the spreader bar on the floor, bound and helpless and totally at your mercy. I smile as the memory of the warmth and security and trust I felt last night flows through me again. I don't remember each strike of your paddle, but I do remember the mixture of pain and love and trust that engulfed me. I floated above the pain and sensed only the pleasure that you were experiencing in giving me this pain.

I turn my back to you, hoping to distract myself and return to sleep. A little time passes, the light around the shade becomes a brighter glow. I gently wiggle my body back next to yours, wanting to feel your body against mine. You move slightly as my bottom comes in contact with your hard cock, my back lightly pushed against your chest.

The sting in my bottom, left over from a few hours ago, returns suddenly when I press against you. Such a wonderful sting. I hold my breath, hoping I don't wake you, but wanting you so much. You don't move. I wiggle slightly closer, wanting to feel your morning hardness closer against me. You move. I close my eyes pretending to be asleep.

"If you don't let me sleep you are going to be in big trouble".

Even half asleep, the tone of your voice makes me hot. I try not to move, but the tingling need in my pussy won't let me be still. My nipples are hard, aching for your touch. I move slightly again, feeling your cock push against my bottom. I moan softly from wanting you so much. I smile to myself, thinking that you will wake up and take me again. I wiggle against you.

The pain is startling. My eyes open quickly and I gasp as you suddenly reach around me and grab my nipple, squeezing it tightly.

Your voice is low and whispers into my ear.   "My darling subbie... didn't I tell you to let me sleep?"

My voice is strained, the pain in my nipple making it hard to breathe.

"Yes Sir".

The silence in the room becomes deafening. The pain pulsates in my nipple. Your cock becomes harder against me.

I find my voice, "It hurts Sir". I know the moment I say it that I shouldn't have.

You laugh and release your grip on my nipple. You kiss it as if to make up for the pain you caused, then reach across me to the small table by the bed and pick up the nipple clips that I hate so much. You hover over me and whisper in my ear, "I'm going to put your clips on you now. You are not to take them off or loosen them this time. I want to find you still wearing them when I come out of the shower."

I lay very still while you attach them, I know how much you love to see them on me, you know how much I hate them. You smile at me and touch my cheek. "Such a good baby...."

Those words can do so much to me, I want nothing more in this world than to be your "good baby".

I lay there while you take your shower, taking slow breaths and trying not to reach up and loosen the clips. You know I have trouble keeping these on for more than a few minutes. I want so much to be able to do this for you.

You return to the bedroom with a small wooden paddle in your hand. You stop in the doorway and look at me. I look at you, standing there naked, with that paddle in your hand. I squirm a little on the bed, wanting you so much that I can't lay still and the pain in my nipples fades to a delicious pleasure. You smile at me and I know you are pleased that I have, for once, been able to do as I was told.

I scream as you take off the clips.

"You know you are in trouble."

I mumble, "yes Sir."

"You know I am going to have to punish you for disobeying me when I told you to let me sleep. I need to know that when I tell you to do something, you will do it."

I can't lay still, your words making me so hot, your face inches from mine,

"I'm sorry Sir." I whisper.

Your fingers touch me gently between my legs.

"Poor little subbie, going to be punished so early in the morning..."

I laugh and you kiss me.

Punishments are still just a part of the game for me. The thought of being punished makes me very hot, but then, I haven't yet been really punished. Not for something real, not yet...

You reach up to the wrist restraints that are always hanging from the posts at the head of the bed. Holding one in your hand you simply look at me. I turn over without being told, put the pillows under my stomach, and stretch my arms toward the posts. The restraints are quickly fastened around each wrist.

I close my eyes as you whisper in my ear, "such a good baby..." I shiver.

The spanking begins, not hard at first, but the wooden paddle stings a lot. Constant, fairly rapid blows, always counted in your head. You always know how many times you hit me, it's always even on both sides. I hate that it always has to be even. I know when you spank me 8 or 10 times quickly in one spot, the same spot on the other cheek is going to receive those same spanks. Its so hard to wait for it, but I know it pleases you when I do it right.

"Sir! Aren't you going to start with your hand? That thing hurts!" I complain loudly as I squirm around on the pillows. You never start out without warming me up first with your hand, never.

"It hurts? Imagine that." you reply, knowing that I hate it when you say that. You spank a little faster, a little harder.

I am moving around and squealing a lot now, trying desperately to avoid that stinging paddle. You stop for a minute to tell me how nice and pink I'm getting. I take advantage of this pause and wiggle off the pillows in a silly attempt to get away from you. My arms still tied to the bed posts and I'm trying to wiggle away. Silly disobedient subbie.

The room grows very quiet. I turn my head and look towards you, realizing that I have made a mistake. You cup my chin in your hand and look into my eyes.

"We aren't playing a game here, you are being punished. Get back over those pillows and ask me to start again."

I move as quickly as I can with my wrists still tied to the bedposts. I raise up to let you push the pillows back under my stomach. I sink back over the pillows, silent for a moment, knowing that I have to ask you to start again, but having so much trouble making the words come out. I want so much to please you, but its so hard to ask for this spanking to go on. Finally, in a very small voice, I ask.

"Please Sir, I'm ready. Please spank me Sir."

You spank me hard, harder than you ever have. It seems to go on endlessly, I begin to get mad, and I yell that it hurts. A new feeling during a spanking... anger. I've never felt mad at you before. You answer simply by spanking me more. I try to wiggle away from that awful paddle and you lean across me to hold me in place. I try to pull my hands away from their restraints. I almost safeword but I am too angry to let you know that I can't take this.

I finally begin to cry. As I do, a strange calmness comes over me. I realize that I'm not mad anymore. I feel truly sorry that I have made you punish me. I'm not sorry about being punished, I'm sorry that I had pushed you into it by my behavior.

I think at this moment I feel for the first time what it means to be truly submissive to you. I know that from now on you could ask anything of me and I would do it, simply because I want to please you. I understand why I need to be punished, and I don't ever want to feel like I have let you down again. Its not the pain of this spanking that I want to avoid, its the pain I feel inside from disapointing you.

I'm not really aware of when you stop spanking me. It must have been only moments after I began to cry. You release my hands and hold me in your arms. We both know something different has happened. I think I love you more at this moment than I ever have before.

You whisper in my ear, "You are my good baby." and I smile.


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