I want a Spanking


She loved to watch him shave. It literally took her breath away when he would pull off his shirt and stand in front of the mirror to shave.

He had the most gorgeous chest she had ever seen. No, he wasn't 21 and built like a model; he was twice that old, with an inner beauty and sensuality that she had never encountered before.

She had watched him shave this morning. It was still in her mind, she'd thought about it most of the day.

She walked up behind him while he sat at his computer, put her hands on his shoulders and began to massage his neck.

"I want to be spanked."

"I'm sure you do." He smiled and continued to type.

She rubbed his shoulders a bit and then slid one hand down inside the front of his shirt. Her fingers touched the hair covering his chest.

"I want to be spanked."

"You will be." He continued to work.

She silently played with the hair on his chest, her fingers finally finding his hard little nipples. She was getting so turned on she found it hard to stand still.

"I want to be spanked." Her voice was almost a whisper, her breathing heavy.

He stopped what he was doing and grabbed her wrist.

"Somebody needs a spanking." She giggled and said, "Me!".

Still holding her wrist, he stood up and led her into the bedroom. She stood quietly and watched as he put three pillows in the middle of the bed. When he had them arranged just right, he turned to her and told her to take off her clothes and lay over the pillows.

She moved quickly, letting her clothes fall on the floor where she stood. She climbed on the bed and laid face down over the mound of pillows. He was busy in the closet, pulling out the toy bags. He didn't say a word, just began laying the assortment of paddles and floggers and crops and canes on the bed. She wiggled a bit and thought about what was to come. She knew she was getting wet.

"Spread your legs. Now."

She shivered and slowly moved her legs apart, very aware of how she must look now.

She felt the wooden rod of the spreader bar slide under her, just above her knees. She closed her eyes and forgot to breathe as he fastened the strap at the end of the bar around one thigh, then pushed her legs wider apart and fastened the other side.

If he would just touch her now, she knew she would cum. But of course he didn't. Instead he began putting the cuffs on her wrists and securely fastened them with rope to the hooks that were hidden along the base of the bed.

He stood back to admire his work. She was lovely like this. So totally vulnerable. So completely his. She moaned a bit, aware that he was just looking at her.

She lay there totally open to him, the pillows keeping her bottom high in the air, the spreader bar forcing her legs to stay open, the rope keeping her hands from reaching back. She managed to speak and asked him to take off his shirt.

Turning her head to one side, she could see the two of them in the mirror. She watched him pull off his shirt, She watched him as he decided which toy to use first. She watched him as he started to swing the flogger across her back. She closed her eyes.

The flogger thudded against her skin, over and over. He would hit and then let it drag down her back across her bottom. The ends would gently slide down and tickle her exposed cunt. He continued until she was starting to float.

He asked how she was doing. She half moaned, half spoke, "Wonderful Sir."

He picked up the thin wooden paddle. In a previous life it had been a spatula for serving pieces of pizza, now sanded and coated with polyurethane, it was a mean, stingy paddle.

It smacked loudly against the back and inside of her thighs. She wiggled and strained against the spreader bar, trying to move out of his reach but of course she couldn't. He began a steady pattern, back of one thigh, inside of that thigh, up to one cheek of her bottom, across both cheeks at the same time, and down the other side the same way. As she grew redder from the smacks, he began to hit a little harder each time.

She was almost used to it, almost lulled back into floating from the burn and the pain, almost welcoming each hit of the paddle, counting on where it would land next, when he aimed right for the middle and it landed flat against her exposed cunt.

She screamed.

He smiled.

He returned to the previous rhythm of the spanking, only this time her cunt received a smack when each circle was complete. She was very wet.

"Are you ready to be caned?"


"Oh... then you want the hairbrush for a while?"


"I thought you wanted to be spanked?"

"Please rub Sir?"

He began to rub her very red thighs.

"I think you are ready to be caned."

"It hurts Sir."

"Yes, but you want to be spanked."

He rubbed the inside of her thighs. She wiggled a bit against his hand.

"Sir, are you going to rub everywhere that stings?" She was fishing now and they both laughed.

"You, my dear, are definitely ready to be caned."

He walked around the bed and began unfastening her wrists. She laid there and just felt his movements, thinking she could never be happier than she was at this moment. He undid the straps and took away the spreader bar. She rolled off the pillows and stretched, letting her throbbing bottom rub against the bed. She watched him moving around the room.

He sat on the bed and motioned for her to lay across his lap.

"Stretch your arms out over your head on the bed. If you don't keep them there, I'll have to tie them again."

She did as he told her. He had a small cane, one that he had broken on her before, now with the broken end smoothed out. It was the perfect length for this.

The first hit stung like fire across her already sore bottom. She squirmed frantically over his lap, trying not to put her hands back.

The cane swung again and connected with the tops of her thighs. She relaxed and sunk into the feeling.

The cane strokes became more rapid. Gradually she became aware of his fingers stroking her cunt. The pain blurred with pleasure until it all became the same intense feeling. She was totally lost in the sensations until he whispered for her to cum for him.


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