Memory Lesson


She remembered the minute the ashtray snapped shut. Oh Shit.

She peeked over at him to see if he had noticed. He continued to drive, not saying a word, but a broad grin spread across his face.

"Its a habit! I swear I didn't do it on purpose!"


The van began to slow. He pulled onto the shoulder of the expressway. They came to a stop. She giggled.

He got out of the van, walked around to her side, and opened the door.

"Out of the van Jo."

She giggled again.

"I forgot!"

"Too many times, I have to fix that damn ashtray every time you ride in my van. Get out."

She stepped down from the van.

"Turn around and lean over the seat."

She laughed, but leaned back into the van.

He reached around her and unsnapped her shorts.


"No one can see you."

He pulled her shorts and panties to her knees in one quick tug.

She giggled again, and wiggled her bottom a bit at him.

His only comment, "Lovely."

The traffic whizzed by, unaware.

His hand connected hard with her bottom. Several times.

Those strong hands became gentle for a moment and lightly rubbed her pink bottom.

"Lovely." he said again.

She didn't giggle this time, but moaned softly instead.

He pulled her shorts and panties back up, patted her bottom, and walked back around to his side of the van.

She climbed back into her seat and closed the door.

"Don't close the ashtray Jo, its broken."

She giggled and reached for another cigarette.


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