She looked at the clock. She needed to leave in an hour.

She began to choose her clothes. The white shorts, no, they'd be too short, the cane marks on the back of her legs would show if they went out later.

Maybe a skirt. She went to her closet and pulled out a bright red one. No, he'd try to make her bottom match the color! The cream one then, that was good. She laid it on the bed. Back to the closet to find the light green blouse, the one he liked to watch her unbutton.

She opened the top drawer... panties. Which ones? He's seen them all. He loved to pull her panties down slowly. He always commented on the panties. She searched for a certain pair... yes, here they are. The soft silky blue ones, and the bra that matched.

She dropped her robe and pulled on the panties. Standing in front of the mirror, she turned around to make sure everything looked just right. She slid her hand across her bottom and smiled.

The bra went on next. Then the blouse. Every piece of clothing judged in the mirror. She wanted it all perfect for him. She sat on the bed and pulled on the thigh-high stockings. Hhe liked the way she looked in stockings. She did too.

She stood in front of the mirror again, imagining him very slowly taking off her clothes, piece by piece, as the spanking progressed. She picked up her hairbrush from the dresser and tapped her bottom while she watched in the mirror. She imagined him spanking her, starting out on her skirt, gently lifting it, admiring her panties, slowly pulling them down.

Another glance at the clock. Less than 20 minutes until she had to leave. She began to feel that familiar nervous dance in her stomach. After all this time she still got nervous before she saw him.

She pulled on the skirt and stepped back in front of the mirror. She thought about his hands. She drifted a bit in front of the mirror. She imagined him slowly pulling it up.. running his hands over her panties... The butterflies were at war in her stomach. She wanted everything to be perfect.

Exactly on time she arrived at his door, took a deep breath and rang the bell. He opened the door with a big grin on his face.

"Take off all those damn clothes woman! I want you naked!"

She seriously considered becoming a top.


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