Short Leashes

She was going to be punished and it wasn't fair.

She was tired of rules. This was so stupid. She stood in front of her mirror and talked to her reflection. "I am a grown woman. I do NOT have to make the bed if I don't want to."

She made a face at herself in the mirror. "I can refuse to make the bed, I can watch TV all night, I can be a slob if I want, I can refuse to cook if I don't feel like it... I'm an adult and I won't be treated like a child!"

He walked up behind her and looked over her shoulder into the mirror. He studied their reflection quietly for a moment.

"You know you can make any decision you want my pet. The choices have
always been yours." He spoke very quietly, his eyes holding hers in the mirror. "You have all the choices and there are consequences for every choice."

"Alright Sir. I don't like rules. So punish me. What is it today? The hairbrush?" She knew she was really pushing it.

She looked down, trying to avoid his gaze. She felt him press his body tighter against her back.

He reached up and grabbed a handful of her hair. He pulled her head back slightly against him and whispered into her ear. "I am not going to punish you this time because you don't want to follow the rules my pet.

She almost smiled until he continued, "You are going to be punished simply because you *are* my pet, and it pleases me right now to do that."

His fingers still entwined in her hair, holding her very still, she felt a shiver of fear and excitement run through her body. "I don't want to displease you Sir", she managed to whisper the words.

He smiled at her in the mirror. "Whether I spank you for not making the bed is not important right now, what is important is that you know I am fully capable of punishing you, and will, simply because I want to."

"Did you give me permission in the beginning to punish you?"

"Yes Sir", she barely mouthed the words.

"Have you finally realized that I don't need a reason to punish you, that I will punish you simply because it pleases me to do so?" As he spoke, his free hand found her nipple's hardness through her thin blouse. He squeezed it so hard she cried out.

They stood there frozen for a moment, looking into each other's eyes in the mirror.

He pulled her hair a little harder; she mumbled a breathless "yes Sir."

He smiled. "I do like my pet on a very short leash."

She heard the lovely sound of his belt being pulled from his pants.

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