It's snowing outside again . . . we can't go anywhere because of the blizzard. You are playing a game on the computer, and I am reading a book . . . music is playing on the radio, it's the middle of the afternoon.

I put down my book and walk over to you. "Richard, lets go build a snowman" You look at me like I'm crazy and go right back to your game.

"Richard . . . lets go see a movie." You look up at me again and this time you laugh.

"I'm not going out in that mess, that's why I stayed home today. Go find something to do."

You obviously only want to play your game. I put on my coat and announce that I'm going for a walk. You laugh and tell me to go ahead.

When I get outside, I look around. It's very cold and I really didn't want to be out here alone. I just wanted you to pay attention to me. I scoop up a big handful of snow . . . it packs just right . . . great for making snowballs . . . I begin to form a snowball, then another. Soon I have four big snowballs. I come back inside, carefully carrying the snow in my arms. I smile as I think of how surprised you will be when you see these.

I open the door carefully, trying not to make any noise. I can see you sitting at the computer, your back to the door, sitting there in only your shorts. I set three of the snowballs down, take careful aim, and then say your name. You turn in your chair . . . and WHOMP!!!!! the snowball lands right on your chest! I am laughing so hard, I barely notice youstand up . . . I grab another . . . WHOMP!!!!! this one hits the target you provided by standing up. Cold wet snow is now covering your shorts.

"SHIT!!!!!" you yell. I laugh again and pick up a third snowball. You start toward me, I throw it . . . oops it lands against the computer screen. You move closer to me now, and I hold the last snowball as if it is a defense.

"Give me the snowball Carla . . . " you hold out your hand. I giggle. "No." You move closer . . . "Give it to me now!" You look so funny, snow still clinging to your shorts.

I just can't help myself now. I know I'm in trouble by the look in your eyes, but it is just too funny. "We can stop this right now . . . or you can toss that last one and see what happens!"

I just can't resist a challenge. You should know that by now. I throw the snowball; you duck . . . and it falls silently to the floor. I realize now that I have thrown away my only protection.

"You are a spoiled brat, you know that don't you??? and you know what's going to happen now." I did know. The thought of it sent a shiver of excitement through me.

You pulled off your shorts, they were wet and I thought probably very cold and uncomfortable. I couldn't help but look at your naked body, standing right in front of me. A shudder of desire flashed through me. I wanted nothing more than to take your cock in my mouth and make you cum.

"Take off your coat" you ordered. I slowly pulled off my coat.

"You've been very naughty. If you continue to act like a child, then you will be punished like one." "I want you to go in the bedroom, take off those wet clothes and put on your robe. What were you thinking??? "

I slowly walked to the bedroom. I knew what was going to happen. I just hoped you wouldn't drag it out with a lecture. You seemed so calm; I shivered in anticipation. I took off my clothes, all except my panties. I reached for my old robe, then I thought maybe if I put that new one on, the long sexy one you had bought me, maybe you would not be so angry. Maybe we could just talk about this, maybe we would make love instead, maybe . . .

"Carla!!!!! Get out here right now!!!!!!" I hurried into the living room. Oh god, you were sitting on the couch. Not a good sign. It meant we were going to have a little discussion first. It meant I was in trouble. "Come over here" you said.

"I'm sorry . . . I don't know what got into me."

"Not as sorry as you're going to be soon."

"Come here and sit next to me." I couldn't move. I stood there frozen. "Come here now! You don't want me to have to get up." I moved over to the couch and sat next to you. "Now, tell me what you think should happen here." "I think I should apologize and promise never to do anything like this again . . . and clean up the mess I made . . . and . . ."

"Not good enough!" you said. "Here is what you are going to do. Go in the bathroom and get the wooden hairbrush. Then take it into the bedroom and get the strap out of the closet. Put them both on the table next to the bed. Then I want you to get on the bed, on your hands and knees. Pull your robe up to your waist, and then just wait there for me. Wait there and think about how bad you've been, think about what I am going to do with that hairbrush and that strap."

I got up and moved quickly to do what I was told.

I pulled my robe up and put my head down on my arms, my bottom waiting for the spanking I knew was coming. My panties were wet. I could feel the wetness against my shaved pussy. Every inch of my skin felt wonderfully excited and exposed. You made me wait, 10 minutes at least.

Then you were there, standing next to the bed. You didn't say anything, but I felt your hands moving across my bottom, gently rubbing as if to make up for what you were about to do. Then I felt my panties being pulled down to my knees. I moved and moaned.

"Your panties are wet . . . is your pussy wet?" you asked. Yes, was all I could say. "You want me to spank you?" "Yes" "You want me to fuck you after I spank you?" "Yes" I love it when you ask these things . . . and you know it makes me that much hotter. My pussy felt like it was on fire and you hadn't even touched it yet.

"SLAP!!!!!" Your hand hit my bottom. Surprise at the suddenness more than the pain caused me to yelp. The burn from the contact of your hand spread slowly across my bottom. SLAPP SLAPPP SLAPPP as your hand covered my entire bottom with stinging smacks.

You stopped and began to rub my bottom, your fingers moving between my legs . . . finding the wetness there. Your fingers slipped easily into me, then you stopped, and reached for the hairbrush.

"NO!!!! Please not that!!!!! It hurts so much!!!!!"

"Maybe you won't act so silly next time. Just think of how this feels before you do something like that again." The hairbrush cracked against the softest part of my bottom, right above my legs, right where I sit.

The sting was unbelievable! The brush is big, about 4" wide at the end . . . and it delivers a sting that is not soon forgotten. WHACK!!!!!! Across my left cheek, SLAP!!!!! across the right one . . . CRACK!!!!!! this time across both . . . my bottom was on fire . . . burning and stinging . . . and still you continued . . .

I couldn't count them . . . the spanking was coming too fast and too many hits. I could imagine how red my bottom was becoming. It felt like it was on fire, burning and stinging. You stopped suddenly, "take your panties and that robe off."

I moved as quickly as I could to do what you said. "Lay on your back." I didn't know what was going to happen now. I could see how hard your cock was, I wanted to touch it . . . to kiss it . . . to make it throb in my mouth . . . I wanted it in my pussy and in my ass . . . I wanted your cock so much . . . but I did what you said. I lay on my back, and waited.

You reached for the strap and held it up so I could see it. The leather of the strap is a little worn from contact with my skin. You play with it . . . letting the leather touch my breasts . . . You are next to me on the bed, teasing me with the strap.

"Your punishment is not over yet, I want you to remember this for a long time." "Please don't punish me any more." I reach for your cock, and begin to stroke it. "Let me make you feel good . . . let me suck your cock." You move on top of me . . . straddling me . . . on your knees. Your hard cock rests between my breasts. You reach down and pinch my nipples. My ass is still tingling and burning from the spanking. The head of your cock slips into my mouth, my tongue moving in circles around your cock. My breasts surround your cock and you begin to move slowly in and out of my mouth.

Your fingers are pinching my nipples and I moan as I feel your cock going deeper into my mouth. I suck you and lick you as you fuck my mouth. I can feel your body tensing . . . I can taste your pre-cum. I look up at you and our eyes meet. You watch me sucking your cock. Suddenly you pull back and your cum shoots out on my breasts and my face. I love the way your body feels as you cum on me. I love the feeling I have when you cum. I touch my breasts and rub the cum into them. You tell me to lick the cum off your cock. I do.

You move off me and take my ankles in your hands. I don't know what is going to happen next, but I remember that strap laying next to me on the bed and a shudder goes through me. You push my legs forward, my knees touching my breasts and tell me to hold them there. In this position my pussy is open for you to see, my ass is exposed, my legs are pushed up to my breasts and I hold them there. You reach for the strap.

"Please . . . " I begin to beg, but am I begging you not to hit me with the strap . . . or begging you to begin?

I know now what you are going to do. I can see you looking at me. I can see you raise the strap. I see the strap coming down on my exposed ass . . . SNAP!!!!!!! I feel it like fire across my ass. You wait until the sting has spread . . . then you touch my pussy with the strap . . . I can feel the leather against my bare pussy lips. You pull it away and SNAAAAAAAAAP!!!! it falls across my pussy. Again and again it falls on my ass and my pussy . . . across the backs of my legs.

"Masturbate for me." Those three words somehow reach my brain; I put my fingers against my wet stinging pussy. I begin to rub my clit and my pussy lips as you continue to whip my ass and my legs again with the strap.

My fingers are moving faster now . . . my pussy is all slick and wet . . . rubbing my clit . . . feeling the sting and the burn of the strap . .. I can feel the orgasm building inside.

The sensations are too much and as I rub myself and you watch, I cum . . . it is shattering . . . so hard . . . it seems to last forever . . . and still you smack me with the strap, each slap seeming to make my orgasm go longer and more intense . . .

Finally it is over. You lay down beside me and we kiss and stroke each others bodies . . . you hold me in your arms. I feel so loved, so completely yours.

I am just begining to fall asleep when I feel your body against mine, your cock hard again, pushing against my ass. My body begins to push back against your cock. We don't speak, we don't need to. I can feel your cock pushing slowly into my ass. I think I might have to go out again later and get some more snow.

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