She opened the door of the hotel room and closed it quickly behind her. Taking a deep breath, she turned on the light and walked over to close the curtains. Looking at her watch for what must have been the hundredth time that afternoon, she sighed.

Forty-five minutes to wait. It seemed like an eternity.

She kicked off her shoes and went into the bathroom. As she stood in front of the mirror taking off her clothes, she resisted the urge to touch herself. She did not have permission.

The water in the shower ran down her body, making her even more aware of the ache between her legs. She thought of his hands and what they could make her feel. An image of his wonderful hands spanking her, rubbing her, filled her mind... she nearly came thinking about his hands.

She stepped out of the shower and picked up her watch. Twenty-five minutes. Not usually very long, but right now it seemed forever.

His instructions were burned into her mind. He had whispered them to her on the phone. "You will go to room 1201 of  the downtown Hilton. I want you to take off everything and get on the bed on your knees and elbows. You will wait there in that position for me to come. I will be there sometime after 4:30 and you will be waiting like that for me. I am going to spank you very hard when I get there. Do you understand?"

She climbed on the bed. Every nerve in her body was tingling and alive. She got into the position. She thought about his words... "I'm going to spank you very hard"... she knew her cunt was wet again.

She waited.

The hotel room was silent. She wanted to move. She thought about his hands spanking her and she wanted to touch herself, but she did not want him to walk in and find her not in position. She closed her eyes.

She waited.

A quick glance over at the clock. 4:45.

She thought about how she would look to him when he entered the room, and how hard he always became when he spanked her. Her nipples rubbed slightly against the bedspread. She wondered if he would spank her breasts too. Sometimes she could come without touching herself, just from thinking about how much pleasure he got from spanking and playing with her.

She waited.

Her bottom felt like it was on fire already as she thought about what he was going to do to it. "I'm going to spank you very hard." The words echoed in her head again. Her breathing quickened, she felt a drop of moisture run down her inner thigh.

She heard the key in the door.


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