From my Window


Emily pulled back the curtain a tiny bit and looked out the window again. It was nearly 6:00, if he didn't come soon there wouldn't be time. She stood there for a moment, staring across to the building next door, searching his three windows for movement. He was usually there by now. She continued to look out the window, careful as always to stay hidden behind the curtains.

There he was, finally. She watched as he opened his blinds all the way. He stretched and looked across in her direction. Emily was sure he couldn't see her, almost sure.

He started his usual routine. It was the same every day. He pulled off his sweat shirt and began to exercise. Emily watched. She had no idea why this turned her on so much, but every afternoon she was there, hiding behind the curtain, watching him exercise. Some days she would touch herself while she watched. Some days she would make herself wait until he was through before she would allow herself to begin.

Today was not a day for waiting, it was late and her husband would be home soon. She stepped back from the curtain and began to undress. When she was wearing only her panties, she parted the curtain again and looked across to his window. He was lifting weights now, his arms bulging. Emily thought about those strong arms holding her, his fingers pinching and pulling on her nipples.

She moved her hand across her stomach and up to caress her left breast. Her fingers squeezed her nipple into hardness as she continued to watch him. She began to sway a little as she began to play with her other nipple. Emily's favorite little fantasy began to play in her head. In her fantasy, Emily would pull the curtains open wide. In her fantasy, the anonymous man was the one watching.

He stopped and walked away from the window. She marveled at his routine. It never varied. He was going to get a drink. She always pulled her panties down at this point. She never took them off, only pulled them down just past her thighs. She felt much more naked this way; much more exposed, more naughty.

It was beginning to get dark and Mr. Workout hadn't come back yet. Emily was still massaging her breasts, still rubbing her very hard nipples. Her pussy was wet, her exposed bottom felt all stingy as if someone had smacked it. She reached back and rubbing her bottom a little, wished her husband hadn't been so preoccupied with work lately. He hadn't spanked her in weeks.

Emily watched as the lights came on in the window across from her. The days were growing shorter and usually his routine was finished before it grew this dark. Emily had an idea . . . but could she be this bold? Her pussy ached even more when she thought about it. She moved away from the window and with her panties still around her knees, wiggle-walked over to turn out the light, and back again to her window.

In the brightness of his apartment she could see him so well now, almost like watching a movie. He pulled off his sweat pants and in his shorts he climbed onto his exercise bike. She watched him pedal. She let her fingers stray down and began to stroke her pussy.

"Do it now Emily, you might never have this chance again." she said to herself.

She reached for the cord and opened the curtains. The floor to ceiling window made her feel as if the whole world could see her. She was sure she couldn't be seen in the darkening apartment. Standing naked in the window sent a new shiver of excitement through her already turned on body. She was sure no one could see her . . . she was almost sure . . . she almost hoped someone could.

On the table next to her was her vibrator, already plugged in and waiting for her. Emily picked it up and reached around behind her, slipping it between her legs, making sure it slid between her pussy lips, the little rounded end just touching her already swollen clit. She leaned forward, enough so her bottom stuck out as if on display, and let her nipples push against the cool glass of the window.

She watched as the man stood up and walked to his window. He stood there looking out, looking straight at her she thought. She pushed the button and the vibrator clicked on. The cool window against her hard nipples, feeling so exposed and pretending everyone could see her, the vibrator humming between her legs, her bottom wiggling as an unseen hand spanked it, Emily began to cum.

"You are a VERY naughty girl!" the deep voice rang out in the room. "Stop that right now!".

Emily jumped, her orgasm came to a screeching halt. She tried to hide the still humming vibrator, close the curtains, and pull up her panties all in one move.

"Stay right where you are Emily."

Emily didn't know what to do. She was so embarrassed she wanted to die. Her husband had come into the room and caught her, he had seen what she was doing. Emily stood there, her panties around her knees, the vibrator in her hand, her bottom now pressed against the window.

He turned on the light.

"Doug!!! NO!!!!"

"You know what happens to naughty girls who play with themselves without permission don't you." It was a statement, not a question.

She wanted to run from the window; she wanted to shout at him to turn off the damn light. She wondered if the anonymous man was surprised to see a naked bottom pressed against the well-lit window. She wondered if he were looking at her right now.

Emily nodded her head. "Naughty girls get spanked Sir." Her voice was almost a whisper.

He took off his coat, never taking his eyes off her. He picked up a dinning room chair and walked toward her. She watched silently as he sat the chair sideways right in front of her and sat down.

"Across my knee Emily."

She hesitated a minute. She thought about how her bottom would be right in the window. She wondered if she dared turn around just to see if anyone was watching. She laid across his lap.

Doug picked up the vibrator and handed it to her. "I believe you were doing something with this? Put it back where it belongs."

Emily reached under and let the vibrator slide back against her pussy. She held it there very still.

"Fifty first Emily, then I might let you turn it on."

Emily smiled and waited for the first hard slap of Doug's hand.

She squirmed against him as he began to spank her. Her favorite fantasy was coming true and it was better than she had ever thought possible. She could feel how very hard he was against her as he made her count. She nearly came when he lectured her about being so naughty and having her bottom on display in the window. He spanked her harder and harder but she didn't cry, she just let all the feeling wash over her.

Right before he told her to turn on the vibrator, he whispered in her ear. "Tomorrow Emily, I expect to find you bent over this chair, in the window waiting for me to come home."


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