Nickname: Uncle Kent
E-mail address:
Sex: M Age: 39 (really!)

How would you describe yourself (top, bottom, switch, sub, dom, etc.):
Top. Definitely a top.

When did you first find the newsgroup?
Early in 1996. I delurked in June or July of that year.

What do you appreciate most about SSS?
It's shown me that I'm not alone in my kink, and it's given me the courage to pursue it through other avenues, and to get out and meet people (only one so far, but there will be more). Plus, it's given me the encouragement to start writing again, something I put aside for my entire adult life.

Your favorite author:
Ernest Hemingway.

Describe a favorite scene (real or imagined):
Nearly any schoolgirl scenario. As anybody who's read most of my stories will tell you, I go in for the "loving discipline" age play type, too.

Do you play in real life?
Not yet.

Are you looking for a partner?
I wouldn't say looking ... if the right person comes along, I'm not going to say no. But I'm not trying to force anything.

If you consider yourself a citizen of Asssville, please elaborate on your life in town (your character, residence, occupation, friends, favorite hangouts, hobbies, whatever):
As "Uncle Kent", I have a (well-deserved) reputation as a "brat enabler" ... I spoil my guests rotten and provide them with all the "tools" they need to have a good time ... but, as certain of my guests have found out, it is possible to push me too far!

Other comments:
Just to reiterate I'm very thankful the newsgroup exists, and very glad I'm part of it.

If we weren't all crazy, we'd all go insane.
--Jimmy Buffett


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